Ice in wine: to do or not to do?

Posted by bottles ,1st Oct 2022
Ice in wine: to do or not to do?

Our sommelier Jessica touches on one of the most heated discussions between wine drinkers: is it really that big of a deal or wrong to put ice in your wine?

1. What do ice cubes do to wine?
Ice chills wine but also dilutes it, along with flavours and aromas if you don’t drink it fast that is! While I would never put ice in a glass of Puligny-Montrachet, there are some situations in which I would most definitely ice my wine!

2. You’re too sensitive?
Adding ice to wine could be helpful for people with digestive problems, because the diluted wine getsdigested easier and helps prevent acid reflux!

3. Spritzers all day
Half sparkling water, half wine and a lot of ice even during these still warm autumn days!

4. On a plane
If you decide to order a glass of wine on a plane ask the crew to bring you some extra ice cubes to add to your wine, as they will make you feel less dizzy and dehydrated during the trip.

5. You don’t want to get dizzy
There are times that you might have a professional gathering, or a kids birthday party and you don’t want to get too dizzy! Putting ice in your wine helps dilute it and keep your glass fuller for longer during those important events. Life hack!

6. It is what it is
Don’t forget that at the end of the day wine is something to be enjoyed and its it supposed to be pleasurable! Everyone has different preferences and if you enjoy putting ice in your wine then just go for it! There is no such thing as the wine police so just do whatever tastes best for you!